What is CDI

The Congress WBN Development Institute or CDI is the education and training division of Congress WBN.

This global Institute offers a range of values-based development programs in the areas of Human Development, Information Technology, Reformation Studies and Business Development. Each program is designed to empower leaders with practical skills, ethical principles and global perspectives.

CDI utilizes both the online as well as the classroom environment to provide its end users with quality education in their selected field.

What do we offer

The Institute houses five distinct Faculties that offer a range of courses that have been designed to provide students with, not just the information on the areas of focus, but also the skill to apply the knowledge and principles learned in each course, to everyday life.

  • Business Leadership Development
  • Human Development
  • Information Technology
  • Leadership, Ethics & Professional Development
  • Reformation Studies

Each learning interface, whether in the online environment or the classroom, is deliberately structured to encourage student interaction, both with the tutor as well as with their peers.

Board of Directors

Dr. Noel Woodroffe

Dr. Noel Woodroffe

Dr. Noel Woodroffe is the Founder and President of Congress WBN (C-WBN) a global, faith-based organization committed to effecting human, social, and national transformation through the propagation of values-based development principles, patterns, and approaches. He is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of Congress WBN Development Institute.

He travels extensively around the world, developing leaders and leadership systems through Seminars, Conferences and other interventions; and supervises the growth and development of the diverse and multifaceted operations of the Congress globally.

Dr. Woodroffe is the Senior Elder of Elijah Centre Global, a Bible-believing church headquartered in Trinidad.

MarLon Jameson

Dr. Marlon Jameson

Ernest King

Mr. Ernest King